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It’s nice to meet you! I’m Debbie McCormick.

I love what I do: helping other business people be more successful by using LinkedIn and teaching them how to optimize their profiles to draw their ideal clients to them. 
Can you imagine doing business only with great people who appreciate what you do?? Those people … your people … are on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn is a unique platform catering only to business people, a focus I love. The way for your ideal clients to find you is through a well-written, client-centric, well-optimized profile. 
To be frank, most people don’t know how to write a profile that attracts their coveted clientele. I’ve done it repeatedly, and I’m constantly excited about helping my clients grow bigger profits.
I’m a southern California native, and my background includes a biology degree from the University of California at Irvine (Go ‘Eaters!), plus successes in business and political writing, marketing, sales and non-profit fundraising.
I’m a state-certified domestic violence prevention advocate and donate a percentage of all DMC’s profits to a local center that houses the courageous survivors of domestic violence. These centers are badly overcrowded; my goal is to one day build a large new center for women and their children in Orange County CA.
When I’m not working, I practice yoga, watch football (Go Trojans!), read mysteries and indulge in massages as often as possible. When I don’t mind giving myself a headache, I follow local and national politics.